Vinaros Festival of Saint John and Saint Peter

Vinaros Festival of Saint John and Saint Peter

Vinaros Festival of Saint John and Saint Peter-Feria y Fiestas de San Juan y San Pedro

Festival Date: 22-06-2015

As if the lovely weather and famous prawns were not enough for you, during the week that runs from the 22nd to the 29th of June, Vinaròs is celebrating this combined local festival, in honour of two saints – John and Peter.

It is also a celebration of the arrival of summer, and it marks a time when children and the slightly older children, like you and I (in other words adults) can feel the happiness and joy of this great festival. There is open-air music, a great fair and firework displays. A local friend of ours recently said, during carnival, that they all really see these festivals as a time to let their hair down!

One of the most emotional highlights of this Vinaros festival is the proclamation of the Queen and also her ladies, along with super firework displays. Also during this week you will see around the Vinaros port area the agricultural fair and exhibition.

Don’t forget to watch out for the bulls and take part in the tradition of the Night of Saint John, on the 23rd June, and see the finishing fireworks display at the end of this fun festival.

Part of this combined festival, of course, features the Night of San Juan, which is a huge tradition in Spain, here you can read more about Night of Saint John or Noche de San Juan

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