Vilanova i la Geltru Carnival

Vilanova i la Geltru Carnival

Vilanova i la Geltru Carnival-Carnestoltes – please check exact dates, it is currently estimated

Festival Date: 11-02-15

Held every year from the back end of February into March, before Good Friday – this is a long carnival with lots of events, traditional processions, concerts and visual spectacles. Carnaval is by the far the best known of all the Vilanova festivals. It is a colourful assault on the senses, and this one is the only Carnival that survived the Franco regime and to this day a heavy dose of satire is the key part of the celebration.

The Vilanova i la Geltrú Carnival has been recognised as a Heritage Festival by the Catalonia Government, ensuring its protection and survival for many generations to come. The first day of Carnaval is called Fat Tuesday and kicks off with a traditional Merengue battle and the preparation of the local delicacy Xató. The Friday is a day of huge importance as it marks King Carnestoltes arrival, and the parade of floats of merrymakers is only the beginning of a riotous weekend consisting of costumed musical ensembles, street theatre and general revelry.

The main event of Carnival, the Comparses, takes park on the Sunday. Thousands of participants which have been organised into groups take to the streets of the city donning traditional attire. They march in pairs waving flags and singing time honoured tunes. The groups then wage a good natured battle between them with the ammunition being sweets that they throw at rival Comparses and which invariably end up the hands of the onlookers.

The Comparses culminates in a made series of sweet wars that take place in Place de la Vila in the centre of town. Carnaval draws to an exuberant close with a fabulous series of dances, costume contests and the big finale Enterro de la Sardinia. This a celebratory yet at the same time bittersweet burial procession which marks both the end of the rein of King Carnestoltes and the festivities themselves, until next year at least!

Here is a detailed explanation of the background and what to expect of Carnivals in Catalonia

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