Torredembarra Night of Saint John

Torredembarra Night of Saint John

Torredembarra Night of Saint John-Festa de Sant Joan

Festival Date: 23-06-2015

This night, the eve of the saint day of Saint John, is celebrated throughout Spain. However in Torredembarra, the feast of Saint John is alsp known as the festival of Sea Bass. During the weekend of Saint John, there are bonfires, dances, festivals, singing and plenty of fun and partying.

Torredembarra has an interesting mix of things to see and do, find out more in the Torredembarra Travel Guide. Also if you do decide to spent a holiday there, whatever you do, don’t miss out on the wonderful city of Tarragona which is very close by, around 17km approximately.

(Town Hall) Ajuntament de Torredembarra
Plaça del Castell 8
Torredembarra 43830
Phone: 977 640 025

Torredembarra Tourism
Passeig Rafael Campalans 10
Phone: 977 644 580

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(Please note that this photo is of the same festival, but in a different location.)

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