Sitges Three Kings Parade

Sitges Three Kings Parade

Sitges Three Kings Parade

Festival Date: 05-01-16

Sitges Three Kings Parade 5th January

Three Kings Parade – although the Epiphany, Little Women’s Christmas or Three Kings falls on the 6th January, it is celebrated in Catalonia and Spain on the night of the 5th. This is a big celebration in Spain, with lots of colourful floats and the three kings throwing sweets to the children. However the sweets are for the good children, those who have been naughty might get turds or coal. Don’t worry it’s not real turds or coal – the turds are made from fig paste the coal from sugar.

The Three Kings Parade in Sitges starts off from Passeig de la Ribeira and finishes at the Ajumtament (local council building).

Sitges is a huge favourite with lots of different types of people. If you would like to learn more about Sitges, you can check out more information about the town, by clicking on Sitges Travel Guide.

Sitges Town Hall (Ajuntament)
Pl. Ajuntament

Phone: 938 117 600


Sitges Tourist Office
Plaça de Eduard Maristany 2,
Sitges 08870

Phone: 938 944 251


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