Sitges Main Festival St. Barthomolew & St. Thecla

Sitges Main Festival St. Barthomolew & St. Thecla 22nd to 23rd September in 2014 – the Saint’s Day is the 23rd but we’re waiting on the date for 2015

Festival Date: 23-09-2015

This is the town’s main Festival, and is in honour of the two patron saints. St Barthomolew’s saint day is the 24th August, but there is another festival later for St Thecla’s saint day on the 23rd September.

There is an official opening speech to kick off the festival, and this is followed by days of different events, including music, Sardana dancing, processions, folk dances, giants, dragons and musket firing amongst the various activities.

Sitges is a huge favourite with lots of different types of people. If you would like to learn more about Sitges, you can check out more information about the town, by clicking on Sitges Travel Guide.

Sitges Town Hall (Ajuntament)
Plaça Ajuntament

Phone: 938 117 600


Sitges Tourist Office
Plaça de Eduard Maristany 2,
Sitges 08870

Phone: 938 944 251


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