Sitges Carnival

Sitges Carnival

Sitges Carnival – Before Lent.

Festival Date: 11-02-15

The Sitges Carnival has quite a reputation, and kicks off about a week or so before Ash Wednesday. It is launched by the King of the Carnival, His Majesty Carnestoltes, who granted permission for unlimited, endless fun. There’s also the satirical commentary on various public events of Sitges.

There are special children’s parades, which take place during the afternoon and the adult parades take place at night-time. This Carnival has a huge attendance, and is a super excuse to visit the town. The place is bursting at the seams with sensuality and colour. It’s covered by media both internationally and nationally.

There’s a huge range of events that happen during the week of the Carnival, and there’s fantastic rivalry between the groups who participate.

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Sitges is a huge favourite with lots of different types of people. If you would like to learn more about Sitges, you can check out more information about the town, by clicking on Sitges Travel Guide.

Sitges Town Hall (Ajuntament)
Pl. Ajuntament

Phone: 938 117 600


Sitges Tourist Office
Plaça de Eduard Maristany 2,
Sitges 08870

Phone: 938 944 251


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