L’Ampolla Carnival

L’Ampolla Carnival

L’Ampolla Carnival-Carnaval L’Ampolla

Festival Date: 05-02-2016

Carnival in L’Ampolla is a 2 day affair, starting off with the children’s parade on the Friday, and continuing on with the festivities on the Saturday.

As a location for carnival, you need to be aware that really L’Ampolla is originally a small fishing village, that has developed a little over the years for tourism. It’s not going to be the biggest carnival going, but this scene will suit some more than other busier venues.

Whatever you do, don’t forget that L’Ampolla is perfectly placed for a visit to the lovely Delta de l’Ebre. Find out more about the unique landscape of the natural park of the Delta de l’Ebre

If you would like to know more about the origins of carnival here and what it’s all about, click here on Carnivals in Catalonia

Ayuntamiento de L’ Ampolla
Plaza Manel Ferrer 3
L’Ampolla 43895
Website: http://Website: http://www.ampolla.org/eng/activitats.asp

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