Festival of the Remedy Alcanar

Festival of the Remedy Alcanar

Festival of the Remedy Alcanar-Festivat Mare de Déu del Remei d’Alcanar

Festival Date: 13-10-2015

Every year there is a pilgrimage and paella for the participants at the Hermitage, as well as a parade. However in the years that end in the numbers 4 or 9, the event becomes even more special. These years are called Quinquenals and include a lot of different activites that continue for around 2 weeks Alcanar.

During these years there is still the procession to the Virgen and novena through the town streets. There are also parades, dancing, shows, a fun run, dancing giants and dwarves.

If you are not familiar with Alcanar or Les Cases d’Alcanar, which is a lovely fishing village for relaxing holidays, which has very good food, then consider checking out our Alcanar Travel Guide

Also, worth a mention, is that both the town of Alcanar and the fishing village of Les Cases d’Alcanar have a good choice of quality restaurants, and we like a number of these. However I would like to mention one in particular, as we did have an exceptional experience there, and I have reviewed it, follow the link to find out more about this great restaurant in Alcanar – Please note that this restaurant has now moved to Peñiscola – which is worth the trip, as it’s a lovely spot also.

Alcanar Tourism
Carrer Lepanto
Les Cases d’Alcanar
Phone: 977 737 639
Website: http://www.alcanarturisme.com/eng/

(Town Hall) Ajuntament d’Alcanar
Generalitat 10
Alcanar 43530
Phone: 977 732 013
Website: www.alcanar.cat

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