Festival of St. Peter of Verona Alcala de Xivert-Alcossebre

Festival of St. Peter of Verona Alcala de Xivert-Alcossebre

Festival of St. Peter Alcala de Xivert-Alcossebre-San Pedro de Verona-Festes del Fadrins

Festival Date: 26-04-2015

The dates for 2015 need to be confirmed as the 26th April until the 1st May. Although this is of religious origin and does have religious aspects to it today, you’ll see that the town of Alcala de Xivert, is lively and there’s a focus during this festival weekend on the unmarried men of the town – watch out for the young bulls being let loose!

The tradition of this pilgrimmage, in procession to the chapel, has been carried out since ancient times. Rosemary is blessed and in the fields the locals form crosses and ask for blessings for a good harvest.

This is a lively festival, with events hosted especially for the single people. One of the highlights is the release of heifers into the streets.

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In Alcala de Xivert – you can’t miss the little tourist kiosk in front of the striking church – although it is open seasonally

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(Town Hall) Ajuntament Alcala de Xivert Alcossebre
Carrer Purisima, 23
Alcalà de Xivert – Alcossebre 12570

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