Day of the Mussel of the Delta de l’Ebre in Alcanar

Day of the Mussel of the Delta de l’Ebre in Alcanar

Day of the Mussel of the Delta de l’Ebre in Alcanar-Diada del Musclo del Delta de l’Ebre a Alcanar

The day of the Mussel is organised each year by Cademar, who are a local company that have nursery beds for mussels. An immense amount of mussels are distributed to those who go along, and the truth is that so far I have not tasted mussels that are better than we have in this area.

The day is supported by the local authorities and the Catalan Tourism Board. There are also others who collaborate, which include wineries, so you can enjoy some fine wine to accompany the mussels.

If you are not familiar with Alcanar or Les Cases d’Alcanar, which is a lovely fishing village for relaxing holidays, which has very good food, then consider checking out our Alcanar Travel Guide

Also, worth a mention, is that both the town of Alcanar and the fishing village of Les Cases d’Alcanar have a good choice of quality restaurants, and we like a number of these. However I would like to mention one in particular, as we did have an exceptional experience there, and I have reviewed it, follow the link to find out more about this great restaurant in Alcanar – Please note that this restaurant has now moved to Peñiscola – which is worth the trip, as it’s a lovely spot also.

Alcanar Tourism
Carrer Lepanto
Les Cases d’Alcanar
Phone: 977 737 639

(Town Hall) Ajuntament d’Alcanar
Generalitat 10
Alcanar 43530
Phone: 977 732 013

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