Cap de Creus Natural Park

Cap de Creus National Park-Paradise In The Province of Girona

In the north of the Costa Brava you’ll find one of the wonders of the province of Girona, where there’s a collection of beauty spots, that come close to perfection…whatever that might be! The Cap de Creus National Park should leave magical memory grooves in your mind and subconscious, such are its amazing landscape and remarkable, rugged beauty.

The wild games that the wind has played with the rocks and cliffs have left sculptures that only nature could create. The hidden coves and natural paradise of the meadows and forests open up your heart, and endless possibilities for excursions.

This stunning scenery becomes more stark as you approach the Cape itself, which is especially rugged with plenty of unusual rock formations. This is definitely a special paradise for those with an interest in geology, but for obvious reasons please be aware that collecting rocks is forbidden. All around the coast there are little coves dotted here and there, with paths, which vary greatly in quality, which link them to the main tracks and also the road.

What You Need To Know

For many people the natural park consists of the area around the lighthouse, however there is much more to it than this. And even if you do decide that you would like to spend the day around that area, within 1 km or a little more of the lighthouse car park, you need to be prepared because in fact the weather can change very rapidly here.

By the lighthouse you’re going to find to restaurant/cafes and if you venture a few metres away you’ll find the second of these which is larger, at which has a variety of offerings including local and international cuisine. Someone referred to this restaurant as – an unexpected curry house.

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    What is the possible waya I can reach here (Cap de Creus Natural Park) from Barcelona City.

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