Cadaques Saint Sebastian Festival

Cadaques Saint Sebastian Festival

Cadaques Saint Sebastian Festival – 20th January

Festival Date: 20-01-2015

The Festival of St Sebastian, which is held in many places in Catalonia, and around Spain, is partly religious and partly traditional. The villagers make their way up to the Hermitage, which like many of the Hermitages is in a lovely location. This one is perched up on the mountainside, and the pilgrimmage takes around two hours to reach the Hermitage. Of course there is mass in honour of St Sebastien.

Afterwards there is traditional Sardana dancing, and lunch. Please note that this property is now privately owned and is only open at this time every year for the Saint’s Day.

Considered by many to be the most beautiful town in the Costa Brava, if you haven’t been before, you can get information by clicking on Cadaques Travel Guide.

Cadaques Town Hall (Ajuntament)
Carrer Silvi Rahola 2
Cadaqués 17448

Phone: 972 258 200


Cadaques Tourist Office
Carrer de Cotxes 2A
Cadaques 17488

Phone: 972 258 315


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