Badalona St. Peter Fiesta

Badalona St. Peter Fiesta

Badalona St. Peter Fiesta – Fiesta de San Pedro – 28th June

St Peter is the patron saint of fishermen. If you’ve previously been to Badalona, or you’ve seen photos online, you’ll know that it has a lovely coast line. This makes it a great spot to join in the festivities of the Fiesta of St Peter.

The Saint’s day of St Peter falls on the 29th June, but the celebrations happen on the night before on the 28th. They normally include pretty processions of fishing boats out sea. Also only a few days before, there’s a really big night on the 23rd June, for the Night of San Juan – you can read about that here.

Badalona is located only 10 km away from the buzzing city of Barcelona. It has some fine beaches, and is a vibrant, cultural city. If you like aniseed drinks, you may like to visit the famous Anis del Mono factory. Check out our Badalona travel guide to learn more.

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