Badalona Night of San Juan Fiesta

Badalona Night of San Juan Fiesta

Badalona St. John Festival – Fiesta de San Juan – 23rd/24th June

The night of San Juan is celebrated throughout Spain. The beach of Badalona is a super location to join in with the celebrations. In fact a lot of work goes into the preparation of cleaning the coast in the run-up to the big night of the 23rd June, going into the wee hours of 24th June. If you haven’t been to this Festival before, be prepared for a serious night of partying on the beach.

However there is a meaning behind it, which is to cleanse oneself of the issues of the past year. Bonfires are built on the beach, and around midnight people go into the sea as part of this ritual cleansing.

Badalona is located only 10 km away from the buzzing city of Barcelona. It has some fine beaches, and is a vibrant, cultural city. If you like aniseed drinks, you may like to visit the famous Anis del Mono factory. Check out our Badalona travel guide to learn more.

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(Please note that this photo was taken in Torredembarra on the same night)

Photo Credit: www.canbatiste

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