Almassora Easter Week

Almassora Easter Week

Almassora Easter Week – March/April

Festival Date: 21-03-2016

If you’ve been to Spain during Easter Week before (Semana Santa) you will appreciate how important this is here. Just like everywhere else Almassora has the traditional processions through the streets, and it is a rather fervent occasion. Whether you are a practising Catholic or not, these processions are impressive to see, but are very solemn.

On Sunday morning at 9am in Almassora, there is music, fireworks and doves are released.

Find out more about the traditions here in Spain during Easter Week.

Almassora is not on the map for many people at the time of writing. Check out the town and the beaches, which are around 3km or so away from the town centre. You can read all about it in the Almassora Travel Guide.

Almassora Tourist Department
Part of the Town Council – Adjuntament d’Almassora
Plaza Pedro Cornel 1, Almassora 12550



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