Torredembarra Box Festival

Torredembarra Box Festival

Torredembarra Box Festival-Festa del Quadre

Festival Date: 15-07-2015

Each July 15th the town of Torredembarra celebrates the festival of the box of Santa Rosalia, which is based upon the following legend:

The legend says that in 1640 Torredembarra was immersed in a plague that was besieging the town. A pilgrim passing through town stopped in front of a house begging.The owner could not offer her anything, explaining that they were suffering from a terrible fever and no longer knew what to do to make it disappear.

The pilgrim advised that the people of Torredembarra should invoke the Santa Rosalia. In order to do so, they had to go to Tarragona to rescue a picture of the saint, which remained in the attic of the house of a merchant.

Once the picture of the saint, which was in a box, was brought to Torredembarra, not only did the plague disappear, but all of the patients were miraculously healed.

Torredembarra has an interesting mix of things to see and do, find out more in the Torredembarra Travel Guide. Also if you do decide to spent a holiday there, whatever you do, don’t miss out on the wonderful city of Tarragona which is very close by, around 17km approximately.

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Torredembarra 43830
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Torredembarra Tourism
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