Sitges Corpus Christi

Sitges Corpus Christi

Sitges Corpus Christi – 4th June 2015

Festival Date: 04-06-2015

There are a number of towns and villages which celebrate Corpus Christi, but this tradition in Sitges is especially well known. Lots of the streets are designed with carpets of flower petals, which have intricate designs. If you turn up in time you can actually help out the local people, who will give you instructions. The best streets can win prestigious prizes.

At the head of the procession of the giants, bringing the floral offerings and less of the sacrament to Our Lady of the Vinyet. Also you can see the dancing egg, which is in the courtyard fountain of the Maricel Palace (Palau Maricel). The egg has been put at the top of the fountains waterspout, and it turns without falling, seemingly dancing.

Sitges is a huge favourite with lots of different types of people. If you would like to learn more about Sitges you can check out more information about the town, by clicking on Sitges Travel Guide.

Sitges Town Hall (Ajuntament)
Plaça Ajuntament

Phone: 938 117 600


Sitges Tourist Office
Plaça de Eduard Maristany 2,
Sitges 08870

Phone: 938 944 251


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