Sant Magi Festival Tarragona

Sant Magi Festival Tarragona

Festival Date: 15/08/2014

This is one of the major festivals on the Tarragona calendar, and celebrated through the fascinating elements of the local culture. You will find them all here at the Sant Magi Festival in Tarragona, the giants, Magi de les Timbales, Gegantons Negritos, dwarves, the bastoners, which are dancers who hit sticks together in rhythm to the music, and much much more.

The centrepieces of many other festivals come together in this festival and is something pretty spectacular. The castells (human towers) also play their part, as do a wide variety of cultural events such as concerts and theatre productions.

Tarragona is like a millionaire, when it comes to culture and history. Did you know that its Roman city of Tarraco, as well as the Catalan tradition of the Human Castles are some of the UNESCO sites of Catalonia, or of special heritage interest? Find out more by following this link UNESCO Heritage in Catalonia

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A New York Times critic, Florence Fabricant, said this about Tarragona: “We left Tarragona feeling as though we had been let in on a wonderful secret that told not only of the reach of ancient Rome, but of other historic periods, layered within and around the city. And that the secret was meant to be shared.”

If you would like to see the article that she wrote about Tarragona in the New York Times, click on Tarragona in the New York Times

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