Port Aventura Salou

In 2012 the World Park Awards nominated Port Aventura as the Best Amusement Park in Europe, as well as nominating Shambhala, it’s new roller coaster, the Best Novelty in an Amusement Park in Europe. Located in Salou, one hour from Barcelona and 10 minutes from Tarragona, the amusement park attracts over 4 million visitors each year. For families who want this type of holiday, it doesn’t get much better. Apart from the amusement park itself, its situation on Catalonia’s Costa Dorada makes it the perfect place for a lovely beach holiday. Additionally there’s lots of cultural attractions, gastronomic pleasures, not to mention the fact that you could time your trip to coincide with one of the area’s many fiestas.

Port Aventura Salou Cirque du Soleil

Cirque du Soleil (Photo: portaventura.co.uk)

Port Aventura Salou New For 2014

Cirque du Soleil at PortAventura – Kooza 11th July to 30th August
Between the dates above, there will be 10 weekly performances of Kooza, by Cirque du Soleil. The venue is the Hotel Gold River, where there is a capacity of 2500 places. This will be the superb Cirque du Soleil’s time at a European resort. To find out more about getting tickets or VIP tickets click on – PortAventura Cirque du Soleil

Port Aventura Salou Angkor

Port Aventura Salou Angkor (Photo: portaventura.co.uk)


A new adventure attraction for all the family, where you can experience a thrilling boat journey on the longest one of its type in Europe. You will be transported to unimaginable places and have unforgettable experiences. It’s inspiration is the magnificent Temple of Angkor which is a UNESCO World Heritage site, and one of South-East Asia’s most valued archaeological sites. From the temple you board your boat and then just wait to start your adventure, equipped with a water cannon to shoot at the tiger, monkeys and pythons.

Read more about this new attraction by clicking on PortAventura Angkor

Port Aventura Salou Polynesia

Polynesia (Photo: portaventura.co.uk)

Port Aventura Salou Park

PortAventura Park is set up in 6 distinctive parts –

  1. Meditterania
  2. Polynesia
  3. Mexico
  4. China
  5. Far West
  6. SésamoAventura

Additionally there are 4 different hotel options and a camping/caravan site.

Different opening times can be found here Port Aventura Salou Opening Times

Port Aventura Ticket Prices

Ticket Prices (Photo: portaventura.co.uk)

Disabled Access

The 6 different thematic areas of the park are fitted out for easy access also.

For more information about accessible attractions, click on PortAventura Disabled Access


There is a promotions page on their website, so best to check that out first, to see if anything there can give you good value.

Annual Pass

There is also an annual pass option, please note that the park is not open all year, but it does open quite a lot of the year. Each pass has its own terms, be sure to click on the link and read what they are before making a choice. An annual pass may suit some people, but there are plenty of other options available.

Port Aventura Annual Pass Options

To see the other options check this out:

Port Aventura Day and Longer Ticket Options

Additionally there are packages that can include the hotel as well as the pass.

Ferrari Land Port Aventura Salou 2016

Ferrari Land 2016 (Photo: portaventura.co.uk)

Port Aventura Ferrari Land 2016

Of course you may already have heard, but by 2016 Port Aventura will include Ferrari Land – which will take up a mere 75,000m2 of space!! It will be dedicated to the Prancing Horse, and will be an absolutely out of this world experience for so many people; I suspect for the young, and not so young alike! There will also be a 5 star Ferrari themed hotel.


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