DO Emporda Wine Route-Wine Taste Your Way Around

    In the Province of Girona in Catalonia, you will find many treasures, amongst them the DO Emporda Wine Route. The Emporda D.O. Wine Route gives you the opportunity to discover the wine-making secrets of the region, appreciate its history and spend time in magical settings. It’s also a great way to immerse yourself in the gastronomic identity of the area. In the region of Empordà, there has been a gastronomic movement headed up by people like Ferran Adrià, which combines the nouvelle cuisine with the traditional dishes of the area. Of course these are all wonderfully complemented by the region’s Empordà D.O. (D.O. = destination of origin) wines.

    In case you’re not familiar with the area, it has a number of breathtaking coves and beaches, medieval villages, Romanesque art, Gothic architecture and almost endless culture and history. On top of all this, you can also visit the towns that make up the Dali triangle – and follow in the footsteps of the genius Salvador Dali, in Cadaques, Figueres and Púbol.

    It’s a dramatic, unique setting with some strikingly beautiful natural areas, and landscapes that link the mountains to the sea. The winemaking tradition of the area, can most likely be dated back to Roman times, but most certainly to Greek times. You can also find some interesting megaliths and menhirs in the Empordà. All of these ingredients are made even tastier when you add in the fishing villages, friendly locals and numerous festivals.

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    DO Emporda Wine Route – The Vineyards, Climate & Soils

    The climate here is particularly suited to growing vines which are not quite so harsh as some wines from the south, yet are good quality wines. Although the region experiences hot summers, these are cooled with sea breezes. Of course the temperature drops during winter time, but the area tends to get few frosts. Each year there is approximately 600 litres of rainfall, and the temperature yearly average is between 14°C and 16°C. The Tramontane plays a big part in the climate of this area. It is a northerly winds, that can be extremely strong and actually sometimes have gusts over 120 km/h and is very beneficial for the health of the vines.

    Much of the land of the area has soils which are acidic, with low content of the organic materials, and sandy textures. On the plains we find alluvial soils, and in the mountain areas soils are granitic and somewhat slatey. The soil of the region is perfect for quality wine-making.

    The vines in the vast majority of the vineyards are older, often over 30 years of age. As you may know older vines are known to produce high-quality wines. Over the years improvements have been made to the wine-making techniques.

    To see a full wine catalogue, as well as the features and vintages go to the official DO Emporda website.

    Tourist Offices

    Further below is a list of all the wineries and the associated tourist offices/town councils for these towns and villages. If you wish to find out the options before travelling you could make the local tourist office your first point of contact. Of course there are also companies that provide tours, some of these done with a little bit of a twist. The next section highlights some of these, mainly chosen as they appear to have received approval from the main Costa Brava tourist authority. Please note that the time of writing the first draft of this article, we have not taken any of these tours ourselves, and therefore cannot make any personal recommendations.

    Wine Tour Companies

    Figueres and close by

    The first few companies are based in, or close to Figueres, although some of their routes may start off in other locations. Figueres is an interesting city in its own right, as well as being home to the Dali Theatre Museum, which is part of the Dali triangle.


    Viemocions – Culture of Wine – 934 877 626

    A travel agency that specialises in wine tourism, Viemocions can give you an in-depth insight into the region’s wine culture and the people behind it. They have an interesting range of options, for example of wine medieval route on bike, and they can also tailor routes and events to suit your own needs.



    Terramar Natura & Cultura – Terramar Nature & Culture – Phone: 618 547 958

    This company has been running for over 10 years, and promotes and organises tours for the social, natural and cultural heritage of the area. They can guide you through discovering the world of the local wine heritage, and bring you to a variety of wineries. Terramar are based in Vilabertran, which is not far from Figueres, about 6 km.



    We Bike Girona – The name kind of gives it away!! – Email:

    From 1-day tours to week-long wine and cycling tours, this company specialises in cycling, wine and gourmet food tours. They can also offer tailor-made tours.



    Vinos del Empordà – Book Visits & More On This Site – 972 208 496

    You can book either cellar visits or Enotourism packs on this website.

    Enotourism packs



    Cellar Tours, Luxury Wine Tour Specialist – Phones: USA – 310 496 8061 – Spain – 911 436 553

    If it is the ultimate luxury wine tour of the region you are looking for, this company comes recommended by the likes of the Telegraph, the Times, Frommers, Forbes and National Geographic Traveller.


    Aiguamolls Emporda

    List of Wineries & Related Tourist Offices/Town Councils


    Còsmic Vinyaters
    Plaça Maria Teresa Pallejà 3
    Agullana 17707

    Agullana Tourism – Part of the Town Council – Phone: 972 535 206


    Celler Martín Faixó
    Mas Perafita. Ctra. de Cadaqués s/n
    Cadaqués 17480

    Cadaques Tourism – Phone: 972 258 315

    Read our Cadaques Spain Travel Guide


    Bodegas Clos d’Agon
    C/ Afores s/n
    Calonge 17251

    Castell de Calonge
    Sant Natzari 20
    Calonge 17251

    Celler Mas Eugeni
    Mas Eugeni Paratge del Ronquillo s/n
    Calonge 17251

    Calonge Tourism – Phone: 972 661 714

    DO Emporda Wine Route Sant Antoni de Calonge


    Masia Serra
    Carrer dels Solés 20
    Cantallops 17708

    Vinyes dels Aspres
    Carrer Requesens 7
    Cantallops 17708

    Cantallops Tourism – Part of the Town Council – Phone 972 554 885


    Aldea de Buscarós
    Carretera de Darnius km. 25
    Capmany 17750

    Castillo de Capmany
    Plaça del Fort 8
    Capmany 17750

    Celler Arché Pagès
    Carrer Sant Climent 31.
    Capmany 17750

    Celler Marià Pagès
    Pujada 6
    Capmany 17750

    Cellers Santamaria
    Plaça Major 6
    17750 – Capmany

    Oliveda S.A.
    La Roca 3
    Capmany 17750

    Oliver Conti S.L.
    Puignau s/n
    Capmany 17750

    Pere Guardiola
    Ctra. GI-602 km 29
    Capmany 17750

    Vinyes d’Olivardots
    Paratge d’Olivardots s/n
    Capmany 17750

    Capmany Tourism – Part of the Town Council – Phone 972 549 017

    D.O. Wine Tasting Route Colera


    Bodegas Mas Vida
    Afores s/n
    Cistella 17741

    Cistella Tourism – Part of the Town Council – Phone 972 547 093


    Celler Hugas de Batlle
    C/ Francesc Rivera 28-30
    Colera 17496

    Colera Tourism – Part of the Town Council – Phone 972 389 050

    Cruïlles Monells i Sant Sadurní de l’Heura

    Sota els Àngels
    Afores s/n
    Cruïlles Monells i Sant Sadurní de l’Heura 17116

    Cruïlles Monells i Sant Sadurní de l’Heura Tourism – Part of Town Council – Phone 972 640 573


    Celler Cooperatiu d’Espolla
    Ctra. de Roses s/n
    17753 – Espolla

    Setzevins Celler
    Relliquer 11
    Espolla 17753

    Espolla Tourism – Part of Town Council – Phone 972 563 179


    Celler Mas Anglada
    Camí de Fitor s/n
    Fonteta 17110

    Celler Mas Patiràs
    Jardins de l’Empordà – Jardí botànic
    Fonteta 17110

    Fonteta Tourism, Part of Town Council – Phone 972 645 522


    Bodegues Trobat
    Castelló 10
    Garriguella 17780

    Cooperativa Agrícola de Garriguella
    Carretera de Roses s/n
    Garriguella 17780

    Mas Llunes
    Ctra de Vilajuïga s/n – Paratge El Pla
    Garriguella 17780

    Paratge dels Pedreguers s/n
    Garriguella 17780

    Garriguella Tourism, Part of Town Council – Phone 972 530 093

    DO Emporda Wine Tasting Selva Night Views Sant Pere de Rodes

    La Selva de Mar

    Mas Estela
    La Selva de Mar 17489

    La Selva de Mar Tourism, Part of Town Council – Phone 972 387 025


    Castell de Biart
    Ctra. de Vilarnadal a Peralada km 18
    Masarac 17763

    Masarac Tourism, Part of Town Council – Phone 972 563 282

    Mollet de Peralada

    Carretera de Mollet a Masarac
    Mollet de Peralada 17752

    Roig Parals
    Garriguella 8
    Mollet de Peralada 17752

    Vinícola del Nordest
    Espolla 9
    Mollet de Peralada 17752

    Mollet de Peralada Tourism, Part of Town Council – Phone 972 563 314



    Celler Bell-Lloc
    Finca Bell-Lloc
    Palamós 17230

    Palamós Tourism, Phone: 972 600 550

    Read our Palamos Spain Travel Guide

    Palau Saverdera

    Celler Mas Romeu
    C/ Gregal 1
    Palau Saverdera 17495

    Palau Saverdera Tourism, Part of Town Council – Phone 972 530 206


    Carretera de Roses s/n
    Pau 17494


    Castell Peralada
    Sant Joan 9
    Peralada 17491

    Peralada Tourism, Part of Town Council – Phone 972 538 840

    Rabós d’Empordà

    Cellers d’en Guilla
    Camí de Peralada 1. Barri de Delfià.
    Rabós d’Empordà 17754

    Sant Climent Sescebes

    Celler Martí Fabra
    Vic 26
    Sant Climent Sescebes 17751

    Terra Remota
    Els Tallats s/n
    Sant Climent Sescebes 17751

    Sant Climent Sescebes Tourism, Part of Town Council – Phone 972 536 007


    Mas Oller
    Ctra. GI-652 km 0235
    Torrent 17123

    Torrent Tourism, Part of Town Council – Phone 972 611 667


    Can Sais
    Raval de Dalt 10
    Vall-Llobrega 17253

    Vall-Llobrega Tourism, Part of Town Council – Phone 972 315 464


    Espelt Viticultors
    Mas Espelt
    Vilajuïga 17493

    Estació 6
    Vilajuïga 17493

    Vilajuïga Tourism, Part of Town Council – Phone 972 530 005


    AV Bodeguers
    Baldiri s/n
    Vilamaniscle 17781

    Vilamaniscle Tourism, Part of Town Council – Phone 972 530 518


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