Calafell Travel Guide

Calafell is one of Catalonia’s accredited Family Holiday Destinations, along with another 14 destinations dotted along the Catalan coastline. The town even holds a special family weekend, which happens...

Halloween in Calafell-La Castanyada

The Municipal Tourism of Calafell is in charge of organising the events for Halloween. If you decide to visit at this time, you’ll see there are various activities to celebrate Halloween..

Weekend of Iberian Routes Calafell

This is a fantastic opportunity to see the Iberian routes of the area. It has been organised by the Museum of Archaeology of Catalonia, as part of their cultural tourism and it aims to present the main Iberian...

Winter Festival Calafell Feast of Candlemas

The main winter festival of Calafell focuses on both the religious ceremonies and entertainment, and festival fun.

Carnaval Xurigué Calafell

Like most of the carnivals, there’s loads going on. Parades and partying!!! There will be competitions and parades in Segur de Calafell

Calafell Festival of San Anthony Abad and Three Turns

Calafell Festival of San Anthony Abad and Three Turns-Festa dels Tres Tombs de Sant Antoni Abat a Calafell Festival Date: 25-01-2015...

Festival of Saint Peter Calafell Beach

Festival of Saint Peter Calafell Beach-Festa Major de Sant Pere de la Platja de Calafell Festival Date: 29-06-2015 With the arrival of the warmer weather, it’s time to dress up and commemorate the day of...

Calafell Festival Popular Rostada

Calafell Festival Rostada Popular de Calafell Festival Date: 30-11-2015 This festival falls somewhere between gastronomic and agricultural. The celebration is marked with an exhibition of farming tools and...