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Cambrils Neighbourhood Festival

Cambrils Neighbourhood Festival

Cambrils Neighbourhood Festival

Festival Date: 20-06-2015

On the weekend that precedes the Saint Day of St. John, which falls on the 24th June, there is a neighbourhood festival in Cambrils.

There are a range of things happening, such as fireworks, bonfires, parades, Catalan dancing and parties happening on the beaches.

By the way, in case you’re not that familiar with Cambrils, it’s one of the destinations that has been awarded the Family Holiday Destination seal of quality by the Catalan Government and when you visit, it’s obvious why. Find out more about Cambrils in the Cambrils Travel Guide

Cambrils Tourism
Paseo de las Palmeras, 1
Cambrils 43850
Phone: 977 79 23 07

(Town Hall) Ajuntament de Cambrils
Plaça de Ajuntament 4
Cambrils 43850
Phone: 977 794 579

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