Calafell Festival Popular Rostada

Calafell Festival Popular Rostada

Calafell Festival Rostada Popular de Calafell

Festival Date: 30-11-2015

This festival falls somewhere between gastronomic and agricultural. The celebration is marked with an exhibition of farming tools and vehicles, plus a competition of horses drag racing.

In this competition the horses are doing a circuit, and they start by dragging a starting weight of 300kg., but this is increased each time. The horse who can drag more weight within the racing rules, is the winner.

However in the meantime there’s tasting to be done. The new olive oil is presented, so that you can enjoy the popular breakfast, of the Saint Siurana oil. In the cellar of the cooperative, you can also visit the exhibition of farm implements and old vehicles and buy champagne, wine and olive oil.

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Calafell Tourism
Sant Pere, 29 – 31
La Platja de Calafell 43820
Phone: 977 699 141

And also in:

Port Segur Calafell
Passeig Maritim
Sant Joan de Deu
Segur de Calafell 43882

(City Hall) Ajuntament de Calafell
Plaça de Catalunya 1
Calafell 43820
Phone: 977 699 009

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