Barnasants Song & Music Festival

Barnasants Song & Music Festival

Altafulla Barnasants Song & Music Festival

Festival Date: 01-02-2015

This is a singer songwriters’ festival which runs during February and March, which in 2015 had its 20th anniversary. It is held in various locations in Catalonia,

Since its first edition, back in 1996, the festival has grown to become a leading festival of its kind, where songwriters, present their offerings. During its months of running throughout various locations, around 100 or so concerts take place. In 2011 the festival celebrated its 16th anniversary with an expansion into Valencia, Toulouse and Alghero.

If you aren’t familiar as yet with the artistic historical heritage town of Altafulla, then maybe our Altafulla Travel Guide may be of some help.

Barnasants Website

Altafulla Tourist Information

Plaça del Pou, 1

Phone: 977 651 426

Plaça dels Vents

Phone: 977 650 752

Website: Altafulla Tourist Information

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