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Jackie has lived in Spain since 2003 and loves it. She moved to San Rafael del Rio in 2013, which is in the Valencian Community, but minutes walk from Catalonia. She loves telling people about the area, as well as other favourite spots in Spain.

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Miravet Spain Travel Guide

Miravet Spain Travel Guide

It’s impossible to miss the striking Castle of Miravet overlooking the River Ebro in Tarragona, Catalonia. The Castle is of Andaluz origin, but was later converted by the Templar Knights into a Castle Convent, around the middle of the 12th century. The location is spectacular, perched on the right-hand side of the River Ebro, above the […]

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Miravet Cherry Festival

Miravet Cherry Festival

Miravet Cherry Festival Festival Date: 12-06-2016 Did you know that 40% of Catalonia’s cherries are produced in Miravet? Every year on the second Sunday of June, Miravet has a Cherry Festival, in honour of one of their most important crops. There’s lots happening throughout the day, such as talks about cherries, exhibitions which feature the […]

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L'Escala Unloading Salt Festival-1

L’Escala Costa Brava Travel Guide

L’Escala is a charming fishing village that sits on one of the “most beautiful bays in the world”, according to UNESCO. Lined with beautiful, sandy beaches, somehow the traditional Catalan town has eluded the onslaught of tourism you’ll find in some other spots along the Costa Brava. An hour and a half from Barcelona and […]

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Triumvirat Mediterrani a l’Escala

Triumvirat Mediterrani a l’Escala Festival Date: 13-05-2016 The date here is approximate, but the event takes place on the second weekend of May each year. There is a rich programme of L’Escala’s historical past, which includes an armed encounter, exhibitions which focus on Greco Roman antiquities, a market, educational workshops for children and a long […]

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L'Escala Costa Brava Evening-1

Live Stations of the Cross

Live Stations of the Cross L’Escala Festival Date: 25-03-2016 The live Stations of the Cross takes place on Good Friday. The road of Christ is re-lived in the town, and you can see a dramatic representation by the local people of this event. The air is filled with silence, and it is very moving. Read […]

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L'Escala At Night

Carnival L’Escala

Carnival L’Escala Festival Date: 06-02-2016 The Carnival falls around this date this year, and goes on for three days. There is something for all the family, and it is one of the most anticipated events of the year. On Saturday the focus is mostly on the children, with the chocolate party and dancing, and at […]

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Colera Catalonia-1

Colera Travel Guide

Even smaller than its neighbour, Portbou, with around half the number of residents, at a total of about 600, if you’re looking for somewhere to escape the normal tourist trappings then Colera may be for you. The centre of the village can be found only 200 metres away from the beach, and the locals simply […]

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L'Ampolla Spain Travel Guide-Cala Maria

L’Ampolla Spain Travel Guide

L’Ampolla was my first port of call, excuse the pun, when I decided to rent an apartment and see whether I would stay here long-term. Located on the Costa Dorada, in those early days, I was absolutely amazed at the great value for money, which is not just peculiar only to this village, to be […]

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La Jana Spain Travel Guide-1

La Jana Spain Travel Guide

Located on the road that takes you to the historical inland town of Sant Mateu, the interior town of La Jana lies perfectly placed between the mountains and the coast. Embraced by a gently undulating landscape, the town historically played its part as a passage along the Via Augusta. Branching out from its main square, […]

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Xert Spain travel guide

Xert-Chert Spain Travel Guide

The entrance to Xert in the region of the Baix Maestrat, Castellon, Spain, is somewhat deceptive, as you firstly see the newer part of the town, which doesn’t give any hint of what lies ahead. Xert or Chert (in Spanish) has a generous collection of lovely, ancient stone buildings that let a story unfold of […]

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Amposta Travel Guide

Let me introduce you to the town of Amposta, by borrowing some words from Nobel prize winner, Ernest Hemingway: “I was watching the bridge and the African looking country of the Ebro Delta and wondering how long now it would be before we would see the enemy…” This is an excerpt taken from his short […]

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Jerica Spain travel guide

Jerica Spain Travel Guide

From the distance you’ll see the Mudejar belltower of Jérica standing proudly over this Castellon town, that is embraced by nature, with the river Palancia burbling along its way, close by. Funnily enough it gets little, or no, mention in the guidebooks, although it has some artistic and historic monuments to offer, in beautiful natural […]

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Segorbe Spain Travel Guide-1

Segorbe Spain Travel Guide

This article was collaborated on with local resident & financial consultant, Lydia Orero Borrás The province of Castellon has many hidden gems, that are, as yet, not that well known by the average English speaking tourist. Among these is the wonderful town of Segorbe, in the south of the province of Castellon. Segorbe is a […]

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Nules Spain Travel Guide-1

Nules Spain Travel Guide

Former Paddy fields melt into a hue of different colours and start to merge into sandy beaches where the Mediterranean says a friendly hello to you! You may not have heard of Nules before, but I suggest that if you are the type of person who hasn’t become addicted to Puerto Banus, then read on. […]

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Desierto de las Palmas monastery and nature-1

Desierto de las Palmas Natural Park Spain

Desierto de las Palmas Natural Park Spain-Desert de les Palmes In a spectacular setting, with amazing views down over the coast, you’ll find the Desert de les Palmes Natural Park (Valenciano) or the Desierto de las Palmas (Spanish). These lands have been inhabited as far back as the Neolithic period, but historically the area is […]

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Catalonia best beaches-Mont Roig del Camp Miami Platja

Mont-roig-del-Camp-Miami-Platja Travel Guide

If 12 kilometres of long sandy coastline sounds good to you, and if you like little intimate coves, and colours and contrasts between the sea and the mountains – then Mont-roig del Camp-Miami-Platja, in the heart of the Costa Dorada could be a perfect holiday destination for you. The beaches are caressed by the Mediterranean […]

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Benicarlo Travel Guide

Famous for its artichokes, the entrance to Benicarlo is deceptively plain, as this fishing and agricultural town has good beaches, an interesting old quarter with some notable examples of fine architecture and its own port. Located on the Orange Blossom Coast (Costa Azahar), the surroundings are filled with orange trees and artichokes – and actually […]

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Benicarlo Main Streets

Benicarlo Fallas and Fiesta of St. Joseph

Benicarlo Fallas and Fiesta of St. Joseph Festival Date: 10-03-2016 VIP – PLease note that this starting date is currently estimated. Las Fallas have been celebrated in Benicarlo since 1973, and since then have grown in importance and popularity. In Benicarlo th Fallas take place in the run up to the Feast of St. Joseph,and […]

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Benicarlo Beaches

Benicarlo St. Anthony Abad

Benicarlo St. Anthony Abad Festival Date: 17-01-2016 The tradition of St. Anthony Abad and the blessing of the animals is celebrated in many towns. In Benicarlo, there are campfires in the streets, and some of the typical products are roasted, such as chops and artichokes. Around dusk there is the burning of the Dimoni, in […]

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artichokes benicarlo spain

Benicarlo Artichoke Festival

Benicarlo Artichoke Festival – 3rd week January for a week or so Festival Date: 20-01-2016 If you haven’t been to the area of Benicarlo, it’s hard to imagine how many fields have artichokes growing in them, and when in bloom, I love the contrast of the plants’ green stems and lush purple flowers. Basically Benicarlo […]

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