Altafulla Carnival

Altafulla Carnival

Altafulla Carnival

In 2015, the Altafulla Carnival started with the Trout Contest. Like most other carnivals here, the highlights are at the weekend, in this case, with the War of Confetti and of course the Parade. It is normally kicked off, by his Majesty, the Carnival King, who comes through the walls of the old town, on the evening of Maundy Thursday.

It is there, at the iconic Plaça del Pou (Square of the Well) that the carnival starts and the traditional tortilla competition takes place. On Friday events include a Pyjama Party!

On Saturday, the parade floats, start out around 10 pm, and later on there is dancing for all the people. On Sunday, the Altafulla Carnival culminates in the War of Confetti, which takes place in the Plaza del Pou. All events end on Ash Wednesday with the Burial of the Sardine.

As yet I haven’t made it to Altafulla for the carnival, (obviously too spoilt for choice) but given how the old town is, I reckon it should be a good place to be at carnival time here.

If you aren’t familiar as yet with the artistic historical heritage town of Altafulla, then maybe our Altafulla Travel Guide may be of some help.

Altafulla Tourist Information

Plaça del Pou, 1

Phone: 977 651 426

Plaça dels Vents

Phone: 977 650 752

Website: Altafulla Tourist Information

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